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Quick Reliable Services was formed in 1995 by a group of associates sharing the same mission, to provide a quick response to a niche market.  After 10 years of success, Quick Reliable Services has earned the privilege of being the #1 service specialists in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. Unlike many contractors, Quick Reliable Services is consider an advocate to the consumer.  We do not do simply what a contractor wants, but what is necessary to achieve the desired goal.  Our client base has been built one success at a time.  Our success is based on customer satisfaction.  Many contractors go out of business after only a short time, not Quick Reliable Services!  We have a strong history of servicing many different types of door units for countless distributors.  With this comes the experience of exposure to many different types of contractor install errors.  Quick Reliable Services can install your new door, or make the needed adjustments to an existing door.  We work with over one-hundred lumber yards and several major door millworks in the tri-state area.  Our reputation has been built by the craftsmanship of our associates.  These associates have a personal interest in the continued success and growth of Quick Reliable Services.

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