Plumb – Level – Square

You need not stress anymore. Plumb – Level – Square represents everything that goes into making your door the door you expected at the time of purchase.

QRS is the #1 service specialist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the past ten years!  We know that a door unit that is Plumb – Level – Square is a door unit that is installed correctly and operating to the manufacturers specifications.

QRS services door units for most major door manufacturers and lumber yards.  Our expertise picks up where the contractor’s end.  QRS will identify installation errors and provide the necessary corrective action.  Delayed warranty issues are now a thing of the past.  Most warranty issues can be corrected in one visit with minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Door Replacement

When the homeowner or contractor replaces a door unit, the preliminary work has been done by the factory.  The holes for the doorknob and dead bolt are pre-drilled.  Also, the location of the hinges often will be pre-mortised.  Installation of this unit can be done in two ways:

  • If the existing door jambs are ruined, out of plumb, or badly weathered,  a pre-hung door unit can be installed.  This unit will come with the door already attached by the new hinges to the jamb and is ready for installation.

  • If your door jambs are in good shape but the door needs replacement,  you can simply replace the door, commonly called a slab.  In many cases, just the door will arrive, needing both the lock and hinge locations drilled out.  In the best case, you should be able to simply hang your new door in replacement of the old one.  This is were the expertise of QRS is invaluable.  Many contractors do not know how to properly adjust existing door jambs or sills to fit a new door. At QRS, this is OUR specialty.  Don’t settle for loss of heat, air-conditioning or the infiltration of light, bugs or water!  You spent a lot on your door.  Don’t skip on the most important part, correct installation and operation.

AT QRS we have earned and enjoy a 99% call back rate from our customers (lumber yards and door manufactures).  We are fully insured and have a staff that is fully committed to your needs and complete satisfaction.